Technical Consultancy Service

Our partner company is a company based in Saudi country, Europe and USA dealing with all related engine repairs and services. Our partner will be on your side as a fair, professional, competent and reliable partner in regard to all kinds of Engine repairs, system upgrade and other technical consultancy around the globe when required. Voyage repairs, reconditioning & overhaul of all kinds of machinery components along with the control system. 


Laser/Digital Alignment consultancy 

Straight and aligned. That is how the ships drive should perform.

But that is not possible if the engine is out of alignment. Even a small misalignment issue can lead to serious safety and performance issues. That is the reason our technical department gives on-call assistance to all the ship owners when alignment or any other service is done through. 

Pier location Consultancy around globe

We have several lay-bay locations available in the port of Europe, Indian, Middle east ports. Via our partners located worldwide we can provide technical consultancy from remote locations and save the vessel. Wherever your vessel is our engineers are ready to solve your vessel problem and help you with the best technical consultancy possible.

24/7 Consultancy 

For the reactivation of plants, vessel maintenance, Immediate requirement of spares we are always at your back with the help of our sales & supply team we help and consultant many ship owners with all the type of solutions for there vessels.


Overhaul consultancy 

If it comes to any damage, we’ll be right there. We help you skillfully and on call consultancy to get your facility up and running again and to keep your downtime as low as possible.

Service consultancy 

Maintenance service for your ship parts we help you with the perfect ship service agent before damage occurs – quickly, efficiently and punctually. Routine maintenance or an overview of the maintenance work that is required – we’ll do it for you!

Worldwide service

We fly all over the world to take care of your repair. Some hand-on service can be done during sailing.

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