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Maritek Solutions is a leading Automation, Navigation & Machinery Solutions provider in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries.

At Maritek we have accumulated years of experience on vessel systems, and with our in-depth knowledge we offer the best-integrated solutions which are seamless, cost effective and conform to the demanding environments in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries.

We offer solutions for new build, retrofits & upgrades along with our OEM partners covering the vessels navigation, communication, power, propulsion and vessel monitoring systems tailored to your exacting requirements.

We provide maintenance services to all types of marine assets in line with requirements of product lifecycle. Our service team comprising of qualified, trained and well experienced engineers and technicians who provide 24/7 support in line with our QHSE commitment, gives us a competitive edge thus making us a preferred service partner.

Who We are ?

Maritek Solutions today believes on the philosophy of generating value to whatever we do. We stand to benefit all the clients whom we associate with, be it our customers, vendors, employees and their families.
Every customer approaches us with a need, every employee joins us with a purpose. Serving their needs and generating value is equally challenging and important.
We achieve our purpose of business through customer centric approach, customize and simplified solutions, development of human assets and innovation.
Maritime Business is crucial like any other present day industry as it impacts people’s lives & environments sustainability. So being a responsible organization is our primary objective.


Maritek Solutions is dedicated to providing top-notch marine service and supply solutions that exceed quality, safety and environmental requirements as well as, customers expectations. We render a complete service to our customers for Marine, Oil and Gas, and Industrial sector to forestall the client's needs.


Maritek Solutions values your time when it comes in shipping Industry, and we also believe in innovative - technology, and exceptional customer service.


To be the leading and indispensable supplier and service provider for Marine, Oil & gas, and Industrial sector for Navigation-Communication, Automation, Instrumentation, Fire and safety, Machinery, Calibration & Certification at competitive prices by use of appropriate technology and certified employees.

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