Bilge Alarm Monitor

A bilge alarm monitor is an important component of a ship’s pollution prevention equipment. It is designed to monitor the oil content in the bilge water and to trigger an alarm if the oil content exceeds a predetermined level. A 15ppm Bilge Alarm is normally used in connection to a ship’s oil filtering equipment (also known as “bilge water separator”), monitoring the oil content of the separated/filtered water and stopping the discharge into the sea if the oil content exceeds 15ppm (parts per million). The 15 ppm bilge alarm type “BilgMon 488” is type approved for this purpose according to the IMO Rules MEPC.107 (49). The BilgMon 488 is compact and simple to install as a replacement for most old 15ppm alarms.The ship’s crew can normally do it in less than an hour. If you need a new version or have lost the Bilgmon 488 software, please contact us for support.

The 15ppm bilge alarm, Bilgmon 488, from Brannstrom is an ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring System) type approved to meet the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49), and with its small dimensions it is ideal for retrofit on existing separators.

Advantages for you
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact system, optimal for a retrofit
  • Stocked at Insatech warehouse
  • Cost friendly
  • Calibration by replacement – easily done by crew
  • Competitive price.

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