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PCB Repair Service

Our team of skilled technician are ready to serve your vessel at the ports, dry docks, at sea, or on board.

Our PCB repair technician are located around globe near the harbor area, dealing with the general ship repairs. We can manage all works above the water line.


PCB Repairing

Repair PCB cards up to microchip level, controlling CPU cards of all machinery fitted onboard.

Programing & Reverse Engineering

Maritek Solutions offers a range of services under one roof including PCB Repair & Instrumentation, PLC Programming, and reverse-engineering. We specialize in providing re-engineering solutions for electronic equipment from ships that are typically not serviced by any other company worldwide.

Why Choose Maritek Solutions?

Maritek Solutions is renowned for its dependable PCB repair service center. Although OEMs often offer new cards, they come at high costs and long lead times.
Maritek Solutions, an expert in marine servicing, repair, and supply, possesses significant sourcing power, saving time for vessel owners.

Major Category of PCB cards

Electronic Governor

Alarm monitoring system – Automation control modules

IO cards

Servo control cards

Wartsila, Kongsberg I/O modules

  • Boiler sequence control 
  • IGG control modules & cards
  • Ballast treatment plant control cards.
  • Refrigeration & air condition plant electronic control cards.
  • VFD drives cards
  • Tank radar | Cargo control and alarm monitoring PCBs
  • Cranes control cards 
  • Hydraulic control cards

Maritek Solutions is a Stockiest and supplier of all kinds of Marine Automation – Electrical Spares, Navigation parts & Marine-Rig Machinery.

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