DEIF Wind sensor WSS 750

DEIF Wind sensor WSS 750

The DEIF ultrasonic WSS 750 wind sensor has an extended range. Like the WSS 550, it has no moving parts that could cause the wear-out problems typically associated with cup and vane type anemometers. This ensures consistent and reliable performance with no significant maintenance costs. Marine approved, with an IP67 rating, stainless steel construction and a separately powered heater to prevent icing, the WSS 750 is a extremely robust solution for harsh marine wind measuring applications such as Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems.

The WSS 750 has been specially designed to make installation very simple with its bayonet mount. Easy installation and plug and play set up are also key factors when combining with DEIF’s XDi-N indicator which also comes with a comprehensive standard library of wind indicators to choose from. Using XDi-N indicators with the WSS 750 also allows integration with other navigation systems such as compass for true or geographical wind display and other systems such as VDR.


Wind sensor, WSS 750 – features

DEIF’s wind measuring devices from the WSS 750 series have a long list of features:

  • Well-suited for dynamic positioning systems
  • All stainless steel construction
  • High power ultrasonic transducers in an equal sided triangle constellation
  • No moving parts; no wear
  • Wind speed up to 65 m/s (120 Knot)
  • Speed accuracy better than 3 % (min. +/-0.2 m/s)
  • Direction accuracy better than +/- 2°
  • NMEA protocol
  • IP66 and IP67 full waterproof
  • DNV GL approved
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