DEIF Wind sensor WSS 550

DEIF Wind sensor WSS 550

DEIF’s ultrasonic WSS 550 wind sensor has no moving parts that could cause the wear-out problems typically associated with cup and vane type anemometers. This ensures consistent and reliable performance with no significant maintenance costs.

Marine approved and with an IP66 enclosure and a built-in heater to prevent icing, the WSS 550 is a robust yet cost effective solution for marine wind measuring applications.

The WSS 550 has been specially designed to make retrofit installation quick and simple when replacing DEIF’s older WSS/WSS-L products.

Easy installation and plug and play set up are also key factors when combining with DEIF’s XDi-N indicator which also comes with a comprehensive standard library of wind indicators to choose from. Using XDi-N indicators with the WSS 550 also allows integration with other navigation systems such as compass for true or geographical wind display and other systems such as VDR.


Wind measuring instrument – WSS 550 – features

The wind measuring instrument from DEIF has a long list of features:

  • Measures wind speed and direction
  • IP66 housing
  • Intelligent heating prevents icing up
  • Working temperature down to -40 °C
  • Well-proven and robust technology
  • Advanced system integration with XDi-N
  • Plug’n’play replacement for WSS/WSS-L
  • Fully compatible with WSDI-2 indicators
  • DNV GL approved
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