DEIF Advanced Genset Controller AGC 150

DEIF Advanced Genset Controller AGC 150

The Mains controller can synchronise 1 or 2 breakers (mains breaker and tie breaker) plus protect and monitor the utility in the DEIF power management system.


AGC 150 Mains – features

Operating modes with single or multiple mains: 

AMF, Fixed power, Mains power export Load take over, Peak shaving

  • Mains (Utility)  
    • power monitoring (kW, kV, A & pf)
    • decoupling protection
    • kW export protection
    • electrical protections
  • No break transfer of load 
  • Multi start settings
  • Minimum of starting genset
  • 12 Digital inputs and 12 digital outputs
  • Communications ports (CAN, USB, RS485, Ethernet).
  • Event & Alarm log (500 each)
  • Programmable PLC editor
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