Sourcing Spares

We can provide General Business development, technical support and quality/safety/maintenance management, sourcing for all types of vessels. We provide full scale project management during your repair / docking. We can handle everything from sourcing equipment to support you during the entire project.


Lay-Bay Service

We have several lay-bay berths available in the Indian Ports and other ports of Europe and Saudi countries.

Business Development

We provide business development as well by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services.

Service & Maintenance Management

At Maritek solutions we believe that maintenance and service is very important. That why we think with the customer and help you to sort out a maintenance and sourcing plan.

Sourcing Equipment

We can handle your entire vessel sourcing and technical support from start to finish, due to our mixed entities we can use our expertise on the project and keep it simple and profitable for you. 

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