SELCO Engine Controller M2000

SELCO Engine Controller M2000

The M2000 Engine Controller

The SELCO M2000 Engine Controller will control and protect any industrial combustion engine, which accepts discreet I/O signals for control of the crank, the fuel valve and the stop solenoid (if applicable). The engine must be able to supply potential free contacts for starter disengagement and over speed alarm (normally done through a standard tacho relay). The M2000 is typically used as an engine controller for diesel or gas driven generator sets.

The operator can start the engine either by pressing a button on the front facia, or by providing and external start signal through a potential free contact (e.g. a relay). The M2000 can be configured to perform multiple start attempts. The M2000 detects a successful start from the crank disconnect signal provided by the tacho relay (normally at 33% of nominal speed). The M2000 will operate the fuel valve as well as a start warning signal shortly before cranking the engine. The progress of the start sequence is clearly indicated on the front facia LEDs.


►Engine start/stop

►Engine protection

►Direct input for magnetic pick-up

►RS232 interface for PC based configuration

►RS485 interface for communication

►50 hour burn-in before test

►Certified for marine use


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