▶ All-purpose high-pressure motor
▶ Size 10 … 250
▶ Nominal pressure up to 5800 psi (400 bar)
▶ Maximum pressure up to 6500 psi (450 bar)
▶ Open and closed circuits
▶ SAE version (for the US market)

▶ Large variety of available nominal sizes allows exact
adjustment to the application
▶ High power density
▶ Very high total efficiency
▶ High starting efficiency
▶ Working ports SAE flange or thread
▶ Optional with integrated pressure relief valve
▶ Optional with mounted additional valve:
counterbalance valve (BVD/BVE), flushing and
boost-pressure valve
▶ Bent-axis design


Hydraulic fluids
The axial piston unit is designed for operation with mineral oil HLP according to DIN 51524.
Application instructions and requirements for hydraulic
fluids should be taken from the following data sheets
before the start of project planning:
▶ 90220: Hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils and related hydrocarbons
▶ 90221: Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids
▶ 90222: Fire-resistant, water-free hydraulic fluids
▶ 90223: Fire-resistant, water-containing hydraulic fluids
▶ 90225: Restricted technical data for operation with
fire-resistant hydraulic fluids


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