• Manufacturer: Woodward
  • Model: EASYGEN 3000
  • Type: Genset Controller
  • Condition: Used


Manufacturer: Woodward

Model: EASYGEN 3000

Part No: 8440-2050 A

Type: Genset Controller

Condition: Used



Power supply: 12/24 VDC (8 to 40 VDC)

Intrinsic consumption: max. 19 W

Ambient temperature (operation): -20 to 70 °C / -4 to 158 °F

Ambient temperature (storage): -30 to 80 °C / -22 to 176 °F

Ambient humidity: 95%, non-condensing

Setting range: 50 to 650,000 VAC

Measuring frequency: 50/60 Hz (40 to 85 Hz)

High Impedance Input; Resistance per path: [1] 0.498 M, [4] 2.0 M

Max. power consumption per path: < 0.15 W

Dimensions: 282 × 217 × 99 mm

Weight: max. 2,170 g


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Technical Data

Full connectivity of up to 32 Generators and 16 LS-5 circuit breaker control devices in one application
Run-up synchronization to get several synchronous generators onto the load in a very short time. All generators are started with closed generator breakers. At the configured operating speed the voltage regulators are
turned on and the voltage increases constantly to rated value. This method allows also to start-up a transformer without producing large in-rush currents.
Operation modes: Auto, Stop, Manual, and Load/No Load test modes via discrete input possible
Breaker control: Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open-close control, breaker monitoring
Load transfer features: open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / soft unloading, mains parallel
Remote control via interface and discrete/analog inputs for adjusting speed, frequency, voltage, power, reactive
power, and power factor set points
Freely configurable PID controllers for various control purposes, such as heating circuit control (CHP applications), water level, fuel level, or pressure and/or other process values
Supported ECU: Scania S6, MTU ADEC ECU7/8, Volvo EMS2 & EDC4, Deutz EMR2 & EMR3, MAN
MFR/EDC7, SISU EEM, Cummins and Woodward E3 ECU
Discrete and analog I/O expansion board connectivity (Woodward IKD 1 or Phoenix Contact IL series)
Multi-lingual capability: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian,
Turkish, Polish, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish
Configurable voltage/frequency control allows manual control of breakers
Neutral interlocking determines and controls one common neutral in a network of generators
Cylinder temperature monitoring for in-line and V engines
Reactive power regulation at the grid interchange point (kvar or PF

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