• Manufacturer: Selco
  • Model: M3000
  • Type: Alarm Unit
  • Condition: Used
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Manufacturer: Selco

Model: M3000

Type: Alarm Unit

Condition: Used

Weight: 5 lbs

Dimension: 10 × 10 × 10 in


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Technical Data

The SELCO Analogue Alarm Monitor M3000 is a compact and versatile alarm panel, designed for demanding marine and industrial applications.

The M3000 Alarm Monitor features 24 inputs and 14 outputs. The inputs can be configured individually for dry contact (NO or NC) inputs or analogue inputs.

Analogue inputs can read measurements from i.e. temperature sensors TC or PT100, pressure sensors, flow sensors, etc., through 4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC transmitters.

The SELCO Analogue Alarm Monitor M3000 is easy to install and configure and can be used in a widespread range of applications, where there is a need for reliable monitoring of analogue and digital alarm inputs.

The M3000 alarm monitor is equipped with a RS485 interface supporting MODBUS-RTU communication for connection to a master unit, such as an HMI panel.

The M3000 Analogue Alarm Monitor
The SELCO M3000 is a compact 24 channel Analogue Alarm Annunciator. The M3000 is ideal for surveillance of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and any other kind of sensors providing a signal within the range of 0-20 mA, 0-10 VDC or 0-30 VDC.

An alarm is activated when the input value exceeds a preset critical low or high level and is indicated on the display. Up to 48 alarms can be configured with individual reference to any of the 24 inputs. Any of the 14 outputs can be configured accordingly. The M3000 also has a common alarm output, a siren output, as well as dedicated outputs for remote reset and blocking.

A linearly pre-scaling is done in order to convert the measured input voltage or current into the entity measured by the sensor (e.g. temperature or pressure). Once this conversion has taken place, all further references are made to the measured entity.

The M3000 Analogue Alarm Monitor also features average temperature monitoring. This feature is ideal for engine exhaust gas surveillance. e.g. for monitoring of marine engine/ genesets or landbased powerplants.

A user friendly configuratation software is available for the M3000 and is free downloadable from It features a spreadsheet-like graphical interface enabling easy and flexible configuration of all parameters.

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