• Manufacturer: Puls
  • Model: ML100.100
  • Type: Power Supply
  • Condition: Used


Manufacturer: Puls

Model: ML100.100

Type: Power Supply

Condition: Used



Input voltage: AC 100-120/220-240V (Auto Select), 47…63 Hz (AC 85…132V / AC 184…264V, DC 220…375V N= + and L= – )

Input current: <2.1A (@ AC 100Vin, 100W Pout) <1A (@ AC 220Vin, 100W Pout)

Output voltage: DC 24-28V (adj. by front panel potentiometer)

Power Factor: 0.55

Input inrush current: 22 A / 37 A

External input fuse recommendation: B-10 A / C-6 A

Nominal voltage: 24 Vdc

Adjustment range: 24 – 28 V

Output power: 100 W

Derating: 2.5 W/°C for >+60 °C

Ripple and noise voltage max.: 50 mVpp

Weight: 360 g

Dimensions (WxHxD): 73 mm x 75 mm x 103 mm


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Technical Data

A compact size, light weight, simple mounting on the DIN-rail and the utilization of exclusively quality components are what make the MiniLine power supplies so easy to use and install within seconds. A rugged electrical and mechanical design as well as a high immunity against electrical disturbances on the mains provides reliable output power. This offers superior protection for equipment which is connected to the public mains network or is exposed to a critical industrial environment. The MiniLine series offers output voltages from 5 to 56Vdc and a power rating from 15W to 120W. The specialty of the ML60.242 is the electronic inrush current limitation and the suitability for very low ambient temperatures. The unit is fully specified down to 40°C. The supplementary MiniLine decoupling diode module MLY10.241 allows building of redundant systems or to protect against back-feeding voltages.

Mounted and connected in record time, no tools required.

World-wide approvals (UL, EN, CSA,CB Scheme) for industry and office/home.

Adjustable output voltage up to DC 28V

115/230V Auto Select Input


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