DEIF Engine – Generator AGC-4 Mk II Controller

DEIF Engine – Generator AGC-4 Mk II Controller

The automatic gens et controller AGC-4 Mk II is the world’s most comprehensive genset controller offering all necessary functions for protection and control
The automatic genset controller AGC-4 MK II can be used as a single genset controller. Also, several AGCs can be connected in a complete power management system for synchronizing projects, islanded or paralleled to the mains. The generator controller is ideal for mission-critical applications such as hospitals and data centers, and it is capable of delivering backup power in only six seconds.

AGC-4 Mk II Hardware features
► Automatic Mains Failure sequence
► Multi-master Power Management
► Power Management Core (32dg)
► Power Management Extended (>32dg)
► RMB Transformer maintenance with up to 32 gensets
► PLC logic
► Engine CANbus
► Din rail mount
► Flexible Hardware
► Additional CANbus based I/O (9 x CIO modules)
► Redundant controller
► Redundant CANbus for Power malmanagement
► N+X configuration
► Close Before Excitation / Run-up synchronization from 6 seconds
► DEIF digital AVR DVC550 support
► Multi purpose PID´s
► Grid code compliant with: VDE AR-N 4110/4105 (Medium voltage, Germany, VDE AR-N 4105 (low voltage, Germany, EN 50549-1:2019 (Europe), ENA EREC G99 (United Kingdom)
► TÜV and UL approved
► Touch Screen Support (TDU107)
► Tier4 final/stage5
► Emulation for easy training and FAT
► Hybrid EMS support (via ASC-4)
► Heavy consumer (via ALC-4)
► Fuel optimization
► Fully compatible with AGC 150 and ASC-4

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